Virgo Man Pisces Woman Compatibility: Love Match, Friendship, Sex, Marriage Relationship 2010

Virgo Man Pisces Woman Compatibility:

The pairing between a Virgo man and a Pisces woman can hardly result in happiness for either of them. He will not be able to understand her sensitivity and this will leave her hurt and more vulnerable than ever before. He is not too emotional and she will be left forever wanting in this aspect. He lives by his realistic rules and will forget to say 'I Love You' till the next or even next to next anniversary. She may find it very hard coping up with this. But, she can also get respect and admiration from, as long as she keeps her womanly wiles away.

The coming together of the practical and realistic Virgo man and the emotional and expressive Piscean woman would result in a ‘hit and miss’ kind of relationship. Once bonded, the Virgo male and the Pisces female both would realize that they are not ideal for each other. While she is very emotional and considerate, he can be exceedingly cold and detached. His practical and realistic rules will shatter her dreams and hurt her in the process. Things can work out only if both learn to adjust and try to complement each other, rather than contrast.

Compatibility score : 4/10

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